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Beatles Tribute Series

As a long time fan of the legendary band, Robert Lyn Nelson has created his own visual interpretations which are as surreal as the songs.

If you’re a Beatles fan, there’s a good chance some of your favorite songs are now original paintings by Nelson.

In the video, the artist talks about what inspired him to create his immensely popular Beatles Tribute Series. 

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ROBERT LYN NELSON’S Beatles Tribute Series paintings are as surreal as the songs which were created and performed worldwide by the legendary band.

Strawberry Fields Forever, Imagine, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Hey Jude, and Here Comes the Sun are just few of the images in the collection that Nelson began painting in 2008.

“The music of The Beatles has influenced our generation and allowed me to visualize a different dimension based on each song’s lyrics. This series of images are my own very humble tribute on canvas to the work of these creative geniuses. These pieces are my interpretation of everyone’s beloved songs and my effort to further illuminate their wonderful contributions for generations to come.” –Robert Lyn Nelson

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A Sample of the Beatles Tribute Series